Witnessing the Certification Ceremony and Art Exhibition showcasing the impressive work of the students.

Kudos to all the students who successfully participated in the workshops and students of the art competition! It filled me with immense pride to witness the display of my students’ artwork at the gallery, with participants ranging from the youngest to the oldest, all receiving well-deserved certificates. I am truly grateful to my family members, friends, judges, and guests for their presence, which made the event truly enchanting and joyful!

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Gorgeous Linda Nixon Nambiar is holding her Tanjavur style Balaji painting. She wholeheartedly enjoys her work during the class.

Mysore & Tanjore Painting Certificate Course

The stunning craft of Mysore & Tanjore Painting embodies the splendor and brilliance of gold, complemented by the artistic talent of a proficient artist. It serves as a remarkable expression of aesthetics, deeply rooted in our historical heritage for countless centuries. Gaining expertise in this art form offers an avenue to delve into our vibrant cultural legacy and age-old customs.

Creating a Mysore & Tanjore painting is an intricate task that demands careful attention to detail. To truly master this art form, one must possess not only skill but also an abundance of patience, perseverance, and commitment. By delving into the deep-rooted tradition and cultural significance of this ancient craft, aspiring artists have the opportunity to produce their own breathtaking collection of Tanjore Paintings.

Traditional Mysore & Tanjore Painting Workshop

Mysore Paintings showcase exquisite artistry with their refined strokes, intricate details, and skillful depiction of figures. The use of vibrant vegetable colors and shimmering gold leaf adds to their charm. These artworks go beyond mere decoration; they aim to evoke a sense of devotion and humility in those who gaze upon them.

In order to begin, the artist must create an initial draft of the design on the surface. Following this, a mixture of zinc oxide and Arabic gum, commonly referred to as ‘gesso paste’, is made. This paste is applied to the areas of the artwork that need additional decorative elements, creating a slightly elevated effect reminiscent of carving. It is then left to dry.

Our students work in progress at Meru Art Gallery TMT Workshop

Senior citizen 5 days workshop. I really appreciate their patience, interest and dedication

Anybody can create art. One has to connect with it.

Engaging in artistic endeavors can sharpen and stimulate cognitive abilities. The act of painting, with its attention to detail and precise brushwork, promotes the development of fine motor skills. Additionally, painting as a group activity has been shown to alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress among older adults. By participating in creative activities, older individuals are less prone to depression and loneliness, often experiencing a more positive outlook on life.

We are so amazed to see their potential. AGE IS JUST A NUMBER. Where there is a will there is a way. Do not understimate your strength. Fulfill your dreams with MERU!

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