About Us

Meru, born from a deep passion, embodies dedication and devotion. In an era dominated by mass production, it strives to honor individuality. Amidst a landscape of compromised standards, it aims to present timeless creations that endure for generations.

I, Mrs. Thirumala Srikanth, have acquired certification as an artist from the prestigious ‘Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath’. My artistic journey began under the guidance of renowned artist and my mentor, Sri Dunda Raja, who taught me the fundamentals of this art form. I further honed my skills in Advanced art through lessons with esteemed artist and my guru, Smt. Neela Panch.

Being their devoted student has been a true blessing as I wholeheartedly carry forward the tradition of Mysore Traditional Painting. It is my ardent desire to pass on this beautiful art to future generations and nurture budding artists embarking on their own artistic journeys.

Thirumala Srikanth
Founder & Artist

Our Story

Meru was established with the aim of nurturing and preserving the rich heritage of traditional art, specifically Mysore and Tanjore Paintings. Thirumala Srikanth, the founder, originates from Bangalore, Karnataka. Her exceptional skills have earned her several accolades, while her devoted team of artists guarantees the authenticity and superior craftsmanship of each artwork they produce.

Meru Art Gallery is dedicated to attaining greatness in Indian art, safeguarding artistic traditions, empowering artists, and sparking a cultural revolution. Our mission is to enhance the world’s beauty through the richness of Indian arts.

At Meru art gallery, we assure you that every Mysore painting you purchase is an authentic creation made using the traditional method and adorned with pure 22 karat gold foils. These paintings are elegantly framed with genuine Teakwood frames. Furthermore, we provide a lifetime guarantee on all our Mysore paintings, ensuring their longevity for at least a century once they become part of your collection from Meru art gallery!

A geographical indication (GI) refers to a mark employed on goods that originate from a particular geographic region and possess specific qualities or reputation attributed to that region. To be considered as a GI, the mark must indicate the product’s origin in a specific place.

Karnataka boasts an impressive number of 46+ GI tags, solidifying its position as one of the states with the highest registrations. These tags are a testament to the quality and uniqueness that can be attributed to products originating from specific geographical areas. Thirumala Srikanth, for instance, is registered under Karnataka State Geographical Indication. Additionally, all of our Mysore paintings and Ganjifa Cards bear the prestigious GI tag.